How To Improve Gut Health

It’s been three months since my explant surgery, I can’t believe it. For those who don’t know, I recently had my nine year old breast implants removed, due to Breast Implant Illness. I’m still working on writing a blog, sharing my entire story and journey, but I wanted to give my body time to heal and adjust after surgery. I want to share as much of this experience as possible. I’m learning along this journey, applying new habits, and hopefully along this path I can help others with similar concerns and experiences. I believe God allows us all to go through things in life, so we can help others. I have a story and I pray it’s used to help as many women as possible. The past two years have felt like a rollercoaster ride with my health. I have had two major surgeries, I have taken so many antibiotics, steroids, tried every diet and detox you could think of. Nothing seemed to help, until I removed my implants this past September. I have watched my body detox and heal in ways I never thought possible. I knew when I discovered my implants were making me ill, my entire body was being compromised, especially my gut. Now, three months later, I have decided to work with a Naturopath Doctor, I will explain in more detail why I chose a Naturopath Doctor in my blog post about my explant journey. Knowing I was going to most likely have bacteria, yeast, parasites, hormonal imbalances, and to be honest who knows what
else. I just knew these implants were destroying my body, but I had no idea what damage had already been done. My doctor ordered many different tests, checking my hormones, gut, and micronutrients. When reviewing my results, I had discovered I have leaky gut, bacteria, my liver isn’t detoxing properly, my body isn’t absorbing protein, I have parasites, extremely low blood sugar, extremely low in glutathione, and a high white blood cell count (still trying to figure this one out) more testing in the near future. I can’t say I was shocked, I was expecting some bad news. My doctor is concerned with my WBC results, but she is confident when we clean up my gut, everything else will start to improve. I can honestly say, after I removed my implants I felt better. Since the day of my surgery I have felt and seen my body improve in so many positive ways. I now have to work on the second part of my healing journey and that’s healing my gut, supporting my liver, and balancing my hormones. When you have bacteria and parasites, you have to kill them and that can take time. Healing doesn’t happen overnight with anything in life. This is my morning routine and has given me more energy and clarity. This isn’t just for those who have implants or have explanted this can help everyone. I do recommend consulting with your doctor first. I believe it’s better to test and have accurate dosages when changing vitamins and supplements.

Morning smoothie:

½ berries– I uses mango or blueberries, I’m also on a low histamine diet. Sometimes I’ll add a banana.
1 cup of Almond milk or only water- When healing your gut it’s important to limit your intake on nut milks and butters. Also, be careful with nut milks, most have additives and can actually be bad for your gut. I buy Trader Joes, Simply Almond, ingredients are almonds and water only, doesn’t get much better than that!

L- Glutamine– I use About Time, I love this company! L-Glutamine is great for the gut and after a hard workout. This is a must!
Happy Liver Paleo- I get this from my Naturopath. It’s clean and packed with vitamins, minerals, and collagen. I use the chocolate flavor and it’s yummy!
Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides- Again, I love this company too! If you haven’t taken collagen I encourage you to start. Collagen helps strengthen bones, joints and muscles, helps improve hair and nail growth, glowing skin and improve gut health. This is another MUST! I add two scoops (20g)

Chia Seeds- Great source of omega-3 and fiber

Probiotic Powder- I get this from my Naturopath Doctor well.
Sometimes I’ll add a scoop of cashew butter or a teaspoon of honey.

In a glass I mix:

Fish oil- Carlson Norwegian
Liquid Vitamin K & D- Ortho Molecular
Liquid Glutathione- I’m extremely low in glutathione, which is why it’s important to have proper testdone by your doctor.
DDR Prime- DoTERRA Essential Oil, this oil supports healthy cellular function
Celery Seed- DoTERRA Essential Oil, this oil is great to support a healthy digestive system.

Only use DoTERRA brand, especially in this example. Save money on shoes + handbags, but never on
your essential oils. DoTERRA is the most tested, most trusted brand in the world- and the oils that your
doctor will tell you about, I know mine did.

For those interested, my Naturopath Doctor is Dr. Noel at Shine Natural Medicine, Solana Beach, CA. She
is amazing and specializes in women’s hormonal health. This is just one part of my daily routine along with, dry brushing, working out, healthy diet, staying hydrated, massages, saunas, ozone therapy, and sometimes colonics.

I will write another blog post about my colonic experience that was interesting, but amazing! I wish I would’ve worked this hard to
prevent this, but I have no regrets. This journey is teaching me so much about myself, the human body, and what I want out of life. I hope you listen to your body when it sends out warning signs. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me, I would love to help.

Don’t get the flu this season!

Do you get the flu shot? How about we skip over the controversial conversation about the flu shot and give you some information on how to prevent yourself from getting the flu, naturally. If you decide to get the flu shot, or not, these products can only help boost your immune system this flu season, which by the way, is here! 

Here are some amazing products I use in my home to help boost me and my sons immune systems and provide a little extra help to keep us healthy and happy during the busy flu season.

Oregano oil: I use this on my son every night. I use Doterra Oregano touch oil (safe for kids) on the bottoms of his feet. I personally take Oregano oil in capsule form in the mornings. Oregano is a powerful antioxidant, natural antibiotic, improves gut health, has cancer-fighting properties, helps with yeast infections, helps lower cholesterol, and so much more!


Doterra On Guard Protective Blend: This oil is the! The cool thing about Doterra, they have created so many home essential items from their On Guard oil. This helps keep our home clean from infectious germs. I use their hand soap, laundry detergent, cleaning concentrate, toothpaste, mouthwash, and of course the oil in capsule form. On Guard oil is a blend of  Wild Orange Peel, Clove Bud, Cinnamon Leaf, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus Leaf, and Rosemary Leaf. This is a powerful blend friends! 

Vitamin C: I personally use Thorne Vitamin C. This is the Vitamin C my Naturopath recommended. I recommend doing your own research to find one that works best for you. 


Elderberry: The berries and flowers of the Elderberry are packed with antioxidants and vitamins that can help boost your immune system. Durning this time of year we take a spoon full of elderberry syrup that I bought from a local Chiropractic office. I am sure you can find your own at a local farmers market or when in doubt,  the trusted and wonderful Amazon Prime. 


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